Xtreme Cleaning LLC is a Professional window cleaning company, we do however offer other services. Chandelier & Light fixture cleaning, Siding (exterior house & building) cleaning, Gutter cleaning, Lemon Oiling of woodwork and Ceiling Fan cleaning. Below you will find more info on each service.


How can we make your life easier? 

  • Window Cleaning Janesville
    • Window Cleaning

    Here at Xtreme Cleaning LLC, we pride ourselves in being a professional full-service window cleaning company. When you purchase our Complete Package (window cleaning inside & out)  we will include cleaning of sills, tracks & screens FREE of charge.

  • Window Cleaning Janesville
    • Chandelier Cleaning

    Here at Xtreme Cleaning LLC, we take the time needed to clean your chandeliers and light fixtures the right way…piece by piece, all done by hand. We do NOT use the harmful ‘Drip & Dry’ method, as this can cause damage to your fixtures. Ask us why…

  • Window Cleaning Janesville
    • Siding Cleaning

    Here at Xtreme Cleaning LLC, we offer Siding Cleaning by hand, no harmful pressure washers used. We clean starting with the gutter faces then moving to the fascia, entire wall surface, including downspouts. All chemicals we use are environmentally friendly and safe for all children, pets, and plants.

  • Window Cleaning Janesville
    • Gutter Cleaning

    Here at Xtreme Cleaning LLC, we climb those ladders for you. We clean out & remove all debris, make sure gutters are unclogged, free-flowing, and clean up the mess afterward. Keeping your gutters operating properly is very important to the health of you, your family and your home. Ask us why…

  • Window Cleaning Janesville
    • Lemon Oiling Woodwork

    Here at Xtreme Cleaning LLC, we offer Lemon Oiling of the woodwork. Lemon Oiling will help protect your investment and preserve your beautiful woodwork for generations to come. It could be wood trim in your house, antiques, wood doors, Waynes coating, etc.

  • Window Cleaning Janesville
    • Ceiling Fan Cleaning

    Here at Xtreme Cleaning, we offer ceiling fan cleaning. Allow the technicians at Xtreme Cleaning to climb those ladders, take care of that high dusting and we will even change the bulbs (if you have new ones available). The cost is less than you might think.